The Hebrew Vocabulary


The concordant interlinear and translation work of the so-called Old Testament in Hebrew/Aramaic is based on the same principles as already laid down with regard to the Greek Scriptures. The Semitic vocabulary also was divided into its smallest elements (morphemes) and uniformly equipped with English STANDARDS, without the possibility of double meanings. The STANDARDS are adapted to every lemma of the Hebrew/Aramaic wordlist and added by idiomatic variants, in order to express the whole variety of meaning in every word of the main text. The etymological part of this working process is not finished yet. Various things have still to be done before an etymological interlinear can be published. Our purpose is finally to present an equivalent result as in the case of the Greek Scriptures; that means all interlinears we already have in Greek will be completed in Hebrew/Aramaic too.

On the idiomatic side, a concordant Hebrew-English sublinear (ches) already exists, building a bridge between the main text (Leningrad Codex) and the concordant translation of the Old Testament (CVOT), published by the Concordant Publishing Concern in the United States. Here, a vocabulary index of the CVOT in PDF format is also available.

The remaining work still needs some time and concerning this work our prayers are going out towards God with confidence, that He may enable us to finish these tasks, for the laud of His glory and for the blessing of His beloved saints